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Families Helping Families of Southeast Louisiana- Region 1


7240 Crowder Blvd,New Orleans,LA,70127


Mon - Fri 8:00 am - 4:30 pm

Contact Information

Phone 504-943-0343

Service Information

Services Developmental Disability Services, Disability Support
Parishes Served St Bernard, Orleans, Plaquemines
Eligibility Individuals with disabilities and their families

Families Helping Families is a non-profit resource center organized and directed by family members of individuals with disabilities. They support families whose members have physical, cognitive, mental, emotional, or behavioral disabilities. Their own experiences further our commitment in reaching out to these families. The mission of Families Helping Families is to provide the individualized services, information, resources and support to positively enhance the independence, productivity, and integration of persons with disabilities into the community.